Anarchy, Texas MK8 1.0

Multi-Surface Challenge Racecar Found From The Back Of My Closet.

  1. Halcyon80
    About a year and a half ago, Anarchy participated in a challenge to build the fastest stock racecar to complete the course on the North American Road, named "Around the World".
    HiResPhoto605.png HiResPhoto610.png

    Regrettably, the Texas never finished an entire official lap, mostly due to it's driver not having any sort of qualifications and running out of patience from crashing and burning... a hundred times. (cough cough)
    HiResPhoto606.png HiResPhoto607.png
    Nevertheless, the Texas MK8 was the leading competitor in terms of lab numbers by the end of it's lifetime, despite being the only RWD vehicle in it's class. Focusing on high-speed agility and rapid acceleration, It also features HUGE tires, prepared for every pothole and crack in the road. the Texas can go on any sort of asphalt, no matter how rugged it is. All it requires is a skillful driver
    (aka, a spirited daredevil), and you'll come out at top!
    HiResPhoto609.png HiResPhoto608.png
    It meets all of the restrictions of the class it was set to race in, having a $100,000 price tag, an above 100 score on 4 different desirability categories, and great enough fuel economy to go full-throttle on the entire 82 kilometer route!
    Since this is an very old car however, it's design is outdated and it's features are limited. Sadly, it won't be receiving any support hereafter, for there are more important projects in the works.
    We wish you the best of luck driving this somewhat-sane deathtrap, we hope you can make greater use of it then we did!


    Detailed Stats:
    -And also, take note to switch to either Sport ESC mode or turn it off for the best performance.

    Engine: Slayer V4.2

    1,200 Bhp @ 9,400 Rpm (Rev Limit)
    763 lb-ft Torque @ 7,400 Rpm
    4 litre Twin Turbocharged Boxer 6
    9,400 Rpm
    6,500 Rpm+ Powerband
    21 MPG (If you drive like a grandma)

    7 Geared Dual-Clutch

    273 Mph Top Speed (439 Kph)

    0-60: 2.7 seconds

    2,792 lbs / 1266 Kg (Ingame Weight)
    ~3000 lbs / 1360 Kg Downforce (Max Speed)
    -Can drive upside-down in a tunnel at max speed

    -Rear-Engine Longitudinal
    -62 / 38 Weight Distribution
    -Electric LSD

    -62-0: ~85ft

    $100,000 Retail Price
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