American Road 1.8.01

Very large (120 sq/km, 11x11 km) map, hundreds kilometers of all types of roads. 8 GB RAM required

  1. primo3001
    AMERICAN ROAD - North Barstow State

    It's very large and detailed map for BeamNG.Drive. You can find here everything you want if you have:

    - 8 GB RAM or more - Do not download this map if you have less than 8 GB RAM!
    - Patience - Map loading can take 3-4 minutes
    - A generally powerful PC

    Special thanks to Simitar for fixing some of the problems with textures!

    American Road is one of the biggest maps for BeamNG.Drive! It's 120 km^2 and hundreds kilometers of different types of roads! It can take you 40 minutes to drive around whole map! Map is very detailed and realistic!

    If you dont see new trees or if you have any problem related to the textures, please clear cache first. Also make sure that you don't have outdated copy of this mod anywhere in BeamNG.Drive folder. If you have a folder called "mymap" in your Documents/BeamNG.Drive/levels, you should remove it!

    If you would like to support me in creating new maps, you can check out my Patreon site! You can also find some screenshots from current state of my future project there! You can also support me on PayPal. Thank you!

    American Road map has a lot of features!

    1. Highways

    Very long looped highways where you can drive 300 km/h almost all of the time.
    2. Normal Roads on plains

    Roads with a lot of realistic corners with detailed background.
    3. Rally roads

    A lot of dirt roads - it's perfect for rally!
    4. Mountain off-road

    Detailed, difficult and long off-road - you have to try it!
    5. Swamps

    Large swamps - perfect for offroad!
    6. Full-size Racetrack

    Realistic large Racetrack in three configurations
    7. Dirt Track

    Dirt track with a lot of configurations and Derby Arena.
    8. Large City + some smaller ones

    City with streets similar to streets in San Francisco
    9. Mountain roads

    A lot of realistic mountain roads - perfect for everything!
    10. Desert region


    For exemple?

    - 1:1 TopGear Racetrack

    - Three real size airports - if you like airplane mods

    - 8 unique scenarios that can help you explore "American Road" map

    - Three Quick Races

    -Map is very AI friendly!

    If you have 8 GB RAM - This mod is just for you!

    And here is video that will show you something about American Road map!

    And yet another video made by RimSeg (igna338 on forum)

    I am the only author of this map, but I "borrowed" some resources from "Tennessee USA Roane Country" map, and some TopGear racetrack textures from "Dunsfold Aerodrome (Top Gear Test Track)".

    If you found any bugs on my map - please inform me, and I will try to fix it.
    If you have any suggestions what can I change or what can I add to American Road map - please inform me!

    If you would like to support me in creating new maps, you can check out my Patreon site! You can also find some screenshots from current state of my future project there! You can also support me on PayPal. Thank you!


    1. prv6.png
    2. road1.png
    3. rallys.jpg
    4. hopping_around.png
    5. swamp.png
    6. racetrack.png
    7. dirttrack.png
    8. screenshot_00004.png
    9. prv7.png
    10. road3.png
    11. prv8.png
    12. screenshot_2019-09-02_01-33-32.png
    13. screenshot_2019-09-02_01-34-25.png
    14. screenshot_2019-09-02_01-37-24.png
    15. screenshot_2019-09-02_01-38-59.png
    16. screenshot_2019-09-02_01-39-40.png
    17. screenshot_2019-09-02_01-58-12.png

Recent Updates

  1. Textures fix (made by Simitar)
  2. Fixed trees and terrain
  3. Near Clip fix

Recent Reviews

  1. maxsaldeezy44
    Version: 1.8.01
    is there have a train tracks
  2. Oblast Studios
    Oblast Studios
    Version: 1.8.01
    Thanks, I have 8 gigs of RAM but my PC won't run this map.
    1. primo3001
      Author's Response
      Sorry. You also need decent graphics card. VRAM is also quite important.
  3. Asusvivogamer
    Version: 1.8.01
    Thicc map
  4. OPnoob543
    Version: 1.8.01
    I really like this map, it very fun to just randomly drive around it for hours. The only problem is that there is a small problem, in the spawn point "road 3" some trees are missing their texture, I hope you can fix it!
  5. Kemro
    Version: 1.8.01
    Really a good map, you can see the effort that was put into it.
  6. StonedSott
    Version: 1.8.01
    I'm really enjoying this map, hoping to get an update on the new "slavic islands" map that's advertised all around this map. Considering how awesome this one is I'm very eager to see the new one. Hoping it wasnt an abandoned project.
  7. Allots
    Version: 1.8.01
    It's a fabulous map without a doubt! There is still room for improvement, but I do acknowledge that it's a giant map, and that every little detail can't always be fixed. Some of the roads could be smoothed out though, and the highway interchanges/ramps could be improved to be more realistic, but other than that, I enjoy playing this map a lot.
  8. Chris1992
    Version: 1.8.01
    This is a fantastic map which is why I'm giving 5 starts... But I am having a strange problem with it. If I spawn a T-series, everything is fine, but if I spawn a second car, then replace the T-series with a different model T-series, then the entire chassis of the T-series goes white. This happens regardless of which second vehicle I spawn, and doesnt happen on any other map. Can anyone help?
    1. primo3001
      Author's Response
      I have no idea why it may happen. Maybe ask on forum.
  9. Denbeam
    Version: 1.8.01
    Карта хорошая,однако это стресс тест для моего компа,буду рад если вы не немного оптимизирует для более слабых устройств.
  10. Yash_gamin144
    Version: 1.8.01
    can you make a small version of this map for potato pc users?
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