American License Plate Pack (Lite Version) 1.0

A version of the American License Plate Pack for vanilla maps only.

  1. Googlefluff
    A heavily stripped-down version of the American License Plate Pack for those who only want replacements for the vanilla maps' plates. All spawn automatically on their respective maps and include correct number formatting.

    My improved New Zealand license plate can be found here.
    The full pack, including all 50 states, D.C., and Puerto Rico, can be found here.

    Included in 1.0:
    screenshot_2019-01-18_17-08-18.png screenshot_2019-01-18_18-18-30.jpg screenshot_2019-01-18_17-11-26.png
    screenshot_2019-01-18_17-15-40.jpg screenshot_2019-01-18_18-19-40.jpg

    (Despite being redundant, this pack remains fully compatible with the American License Plate Pack)
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