Beta AllStarThrash the map of even more! 1.5.1

Gridmap gone maaad!

  1. Ahnaf458
    AllStarThrash the map of plenty is a simple idea, take Gridmap and throw in a whole bunch of new things in it for crashing, bashing, thrashing and more importantly to test your vehicles.

    My 1st attempt at this was called AllStarTest and seeing that a lot of people liked it, i decided to do an entirely different version with lots of new ideas in it.

    The map is good for testing cars primarily, and particularly things such as suspension dynamics, handling characteristics and ruggedness, its also a good place to compare things such as ground clearance, approach and departure angles between cars, another fun thing to do is trying to deliver cargo from one place to another using the bumpy pathways, there are plenty of things to do and play around on here, just go out there and do whatever you like.

    map features:
    -over 10 different tracks for doing different things
    -rally tracks
    -offroad tracks
    -an ice skid track
    -high speed track around the map with shallow jumps
    -places to try out precision driving on
    -crash testing area with spectacular things to crash into
    -good place to drive around and explore

    known issues:
    -the map is quite unpolished at places, im currently working on improving the visual feel of the track to make it seem like a more "realistic fictional world"

    -BeamNG for Gridmap and everything that i used in the map
    -schumacher for helping fix the preview image
    -me for messing around with gridmap :)

    i really hope you enjoy this map and have fun driving around in the numerous tracks and places ive put into it.

    Thanks: :D


    1. screenshot_00001.png
    2. screenshot_00002.png
    3. screenshot_00003.png
    4. screenshot_00004.png
    5. screenshot_00005.png
    6. screenshot_00006.png
    7. screenshot_00007.png

Recent Reviews

  1. ico
    Version: 1.5.1
    Nice work
  2. WoodyKenway
    Version: 1.5.1
    Spectacular !!
  3. Nathan24™
    Version: 1.5.1
  4. Ruffryder05
    Version: 1.5.1
    wow. amazing.
  5. jordan63
    Version: 1.5.1
    it look awsome
  6. Cool guy 66
    Cool guy 66
    Version: 1.5.1
    many things to do.......awesome
  7. Matty2605
    Version: 1.5.1
    Absolutely awesome map. Just a little bug of the texturing. If looking at it far away it is all there. Close up it has worked but looking at it from 30m - 100m they don't work. And the on the bridges the metal isn't textured. Other than that, It's GREAT!
    1. Ahnaf458
      Author's Response
      ive been trying to deal with the texture issues but it happens for a reason yet not known to me :P
  8. foxvnop45
    Version: 1.5.1
    I can't seem to find the ice skid track. I see the little patch of ice, is there more?
    1. Ahnaf458
      Author's Response
      woops! i forgot to mention in the notes... im relocating the skid track to a new location, so i removed the existing one for now
  9. OldSnake
    Version: 1.5.1
    epic, i love !
  10. VocalCloth
    Version: 1.5.1
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