Beta AKB Barato 1.6 v1 1.0

Economy Car with a Muscle-Esque Engine Swap

  1. bred_real
    The AKB Barato has many features, such as these;
    - 1.6L i4 Engine, with the ability to supercharge or turbo the engine
    -Moonhawk i6 Swap with the ability to turbo or supercharge the engine
    -Automation-Based mod, with an improving jbeam
    -Multiple Configs
    - Two-Point Ignition system, Press your ignition button twice to start with the i4 engine.
    -The interior Camera Doesn't work.
    - The Gauges are slightly too big.
    - The Car stalls easily in Realistic mode with no clutch assist.


    1. HiResPhoto5_2732-1536.png
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