Outdated 96' Pessima Wagon 2.2

Enough for the whole family!

  1. JsZ
    outdated as of 0.20

    This mod has been updated and merged with the Pessima Expansion Pack available here:

    This version still may work but is unsupported and won’t be getting any updates

    So please don't download this one because its outdated content wise and the new one is much better

    Delete the wagon version and clear cache before downloading the new one above

    1996 Ibishu Pessima Wagon


    After a year of on and off work, I'm proud to present to you a finished product. So ladies and gentlemen, here it is...

    PIC4.png PIC2.png
    PIC3.png PIC1.png

    The 96' Pessima Wagon shares the same wheelbase as its sedan counterpart, but features a much larger interior for increased comfort. New luxury and offroad features are also added. It comes in 5 flavors: DX, Turboburger, LX, Sport, and All-Road.
    This mod includes the following parts in addition to the wagon bodystyle:

    • Plastic bumpers
    • New steel wheels
    • Optional sunroof
    • Scooped hood, spoiler, and roof rack
    • Front and rear bullbars
    • Optional roll-cage
    • 6 Speed Manual transmission
    • Optional AWD and RWD transfer cases
    • Turbocharger
    Added in update 2.0:
    • Rally stuff: mudflaps, skidplate, lights, etc
    • 6 spd dual-clutch
    • Taxi skin and parts
    • Fixed taillights and trunk mesh missing
    • I don't remember
    finalrally.jpg finaltaxi.jpg

    • Small mesh issues
    • Some jbeam needs refining
    • Rollcage goes in rear seats slot and skidplate goes in rollcage slot (so it can work with sedan body
    Future ideas
    • Better skin compatibility
    • More race parts with new skin (working on it)
    • suggestions?
    • @naguluna - basic body mesh as a base
    • @Djplopper - a few DPMP assets
    • @Re:Z_IA - letting me use parts from the Kashira
    • @burilkovdeni - helping fix some jbeam
    • everyone on forums - suggestions and bug reporting
    • me - everything else
    If you experience problems or bugs, refrain from leaving a trash review and instead message me!

    Uninstall previous versions and clear cache before installing!

    Like my mods? I appreciate any support!
    Donate Here

    Have fun! :)

Recent Updates

  1. bug fix
  2. New stuff and some fixes

Recent Reviews

  1. Wyatt850
    Version: 2.2
    Loving it! I'm a bit of a sucker for wagons...
    1. JsZ
  2. michael_zowski
    Version: 2.2
  3. IyoudTaker
    Version: 2.2
    Nice Mod :^)
  4. Outheblu
    Version: 2.2
    That is very family fun of you
  5. pinki
    Version: 2.2
    Nice mod but still worth refining, the back door at the top of the gap and the trunk of the back door is also a gap, as well as a gap at the junction of the roof with the top of the door
  6. FiveSixSeven
    Version: 2.2
    I agree with the 3rd row seats, that would be cool!
  7. Jack5.exe
    Version: 2.2
    it's good, nothing bad about it, but it's already been done
    1. JsZ
      Author's Response
      the old one is long outdated
  8. pjthedestroyer11
    Version: 2.1
    Awesome. This is just a suggestion, but maybe in the future there could be a config with a miniature 3rd row?
    1. JsZ
      Author's Response
      good idea, i'll try but it might not fit
  9. youtubegamer929
    Version: 2.1
    Looks SORT of odd, the taxi one reminds me of the Kashira or that taxi from NFS MW 2012
  10. Djplopper
    Version: 2.1
    Best wagon on the forums
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