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  1. speedhunter

    3.0L Flat-6 NA 425HP Redline@9900RPM.
    6-speed manual
    Double Wishbone Suspension
    All aluminum chassis and body panels.Approximately 1200Kg.
    Tire width: F:275 R:325
    0-100KPH: Approximately 4.2secs

    This is not a faithful replica, Porsche fans please do not kill me.
    Due to the limitation of the Automation, the styling is not quite accurate.

    Anyways, enjoy the mod!:p



    1. screenshot_00013.png
    2. screenshot_00014.png

Recent Reviews

  1. thatmiataguy
    Version: 1.0
    Pretty good fun mod. It,s fun to get it out to redline and although the detailing isn't quite exact, it's still good because it's automation. Pretty fun mod
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