85’ Mercury Mulsane GT 1.0

The Mercury Mulsane GT is the top of the line Murcury vehicle of 1985.

  1. Thomsen
    Backstory: After years of Mercury making Trucks and utility vehicles for construction, Benjamin Mercury got the opportunity to collaborate with Chevrolet, to make a rebadged version of the Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS, for the Australian marked, Benjamin Mercury took the 8.0L V8 engine from the Mercury Bulldozer and shoehorned it into the G-Body from Chevrolet, the car only lasted for 5 years do to the increase in Ford Falcon sales in Australia. Today Mercury is back to making construction vehicles.

    Engine: 8021 cc. (8.0L) 16V V8
    Drivetrain: Front Longitudinal RWD
    Power: 260 HP @ 5.400 RPM. & 400 Nm @ 3.800 RPM.
    Redline: 6.000 RPM.
    Transmission: 5 Speed Manual.
    Top Speed: 242 KPH (150 MPH).
    Fuel Economy: 5.2 KM/L (12.2 mpg).
    Engine Weight: 263 KG.
    0 to 100 km/h: 6.3 sec.
    80 to 120 km/h: 3.9 sec.
    100 to 0 km/h: 37.0 m.
    1/4 Mile: 14.70 sec.
    1 Mile: 26.41 sec.
    Chassis Type: Ladder
    Chassis Material: Steel
    Panel Material: Steel
    Body Type: 2 door - 5-seater.
    Front Tires: 205/65R17.
    Rear Tires: 235/55/R17.
    Front Brakes: 350 mm. 1 Piston Vented Discs.
    Rear Brakes: 275 mm. SLS Drums.
    Suspension: Double Wishbone front and Solid Axle Leaf rear.
    Price: $28.000
    Electronical Help:
    Weight: 1527 KG. (50% front, 50% rear).
    Wheel base / Length / Width: 2.75 m. / 4.81 m. / 1.89 m.

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