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Beta 6.0L and 6.7L Diesel for D-Series 1.8 patch, for game 0.19

The D-Series needs diesel options!

  1. MasterFluffy
    The goal of this mod is to fill a void I think the D-Series was missing, that being diesel configurations/parts. Also, I hope this mod blends into the existing Beamng series as if it was an original configuration. I have put in much research into diesel components and specs. I took a combination of stats from the time period of cummins, powerstroke and duramax engines to build into BeamNG's D-Series' own unique brand, while trying to keep as realistic as possible without being an exact copy of one brands' engine/components.

    Key Components This Mod Includes:
    - Diesel Idle, High RPM and Turbo Spooling Sounds
    - Two Diesel Engines (6.0L & 6.7L)
    - Three Turbo options or go N/A which is all interchangeable on either engine.
    - Performance Exhaust options
    - 6 Transmissions (4, 5 and 6 Speed Auto, 5 and 6 Speed Manual(also one for gas engines), and now a CVT option)
    - 3.73 Ratio Differentials, (Heavy Limited Slip, Locking, Open & Welded) Front and Rear
    - Darken Exhaust Smoke
    - 34 Gallon Fuel Tank
    - Upgraded version of Heavy Duty Brakes
    - Diesel Engines, Transmissions & Differential parts available for Roamer and H-Series(van)

    - Diesel Ranged RPM Gauge for Interior ( No longer available since game version updates :/ )

    hay.jpg gauges.png smoke.png
    oldcar.png models.png Configurations.png
    AllStats.png gauge.png
    Have fun towing!

    Please contact me in the discussion section on questions, problems or desired improvements for mod.
    This mod works in BeamNG's most recent update 0.19.4
    If your mod isn't working right.. like no sounds... 99% caused from another mod.

    Side note, heavily recommend using this mod - Trailerpack 0.3.1. Its a great mod add-on! Push your diesel truck to the limits! PS. I'm not the creator of this mod.
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Recent Reviews

  1. HawaiianLyon
    Version: 1.7 patch, for game 0.14
    really awesome. adds a whole bunch of features in lots of different places, and i made a lot of use out of them. however, it breaks the textures of headlights, brake lights, and turn signals on the d series in the 0.17 update. i'm pretty disappointed and i'll be deactivating this mod until a patch is released.
  2. xRaulyz
    Version: 1.7 patch, for game 0.14
    e x t r a torque
  3. LukeTheRevhead
    Version: 1.7 patch, for game 0.14
    Diesel? PFFT you need Vodka!
    Version: 1.6 patch, better sounds
  5. Michaelflat
    Version: 1.6 patch, better sounds
    A diesel mod good enough for me to uninstall my own mod and use yours :)
    1. MasterFluffy
      Author's Response
      Haha! thanks for the review! which mod of yours are you talking about? I see you have a few!
  6. runner98
    Version: 1.6 patch, better sounds
    Well done! Very realistic feeling and sounding
  7. cbcFoNV
    Version: 1.5 patch for game v0.11
    My fave diesel mod I've tried so far. Love the idle sound, the others seem to just cut off entirely when the accelerator isn't being applied, which is super undiesel-ish.
    1. MasterFluffy
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review!
  8. Honda NSX
    Honda NSX
    Version: 1.4 brake fix patch
    Near perfect mod. Only complaint is that especially at low revs the motor sounds almost breathy and echo-y. only until around 2500 RPM does the sound really kick in.
    1. MasterFluffy
      Author's Response
      Yeah... creating custom sounds was the hardest part on making this mod
  9. wangyiming721
    Version: 1.4 brake fix patch
  10. Ozark Mountain Cowboy
    Ozark Mountain Cowboy
    Version: 1.3
    Big old diesel for a big old truck.
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