6.0L 6.4L & 7.3L V8 Diesels For The D-Series V0.9.7.91

Adds the Powerstroke 6.0 and Parts for the D-series And Roamer (And 6.4+7.3+3.0+2.0)

  1. moderation , small jbeam fixes

    moderation , small jbeam fixes
  2. Wip parts added and RTEC 2,0 added as well as some things for the sunburst

    mainly check the discussion on page 9 to see what is coming, I know the RTEC engine is new and probably the sunburst hood and exhaust with snorkel
  3. 3.0 Gets Parts, New Pessima Gets 3.0

    Should contain the 3 configs mentioned in the discussion
    which are these
  4. Bring Back Van Support and WIP lights on Ali bumper


    I brought back the support for the H series seeing as to how some people were not happy about its removal.

    I didn't really think about people who may have made their own configs with it soooo, welcome it back, I don't know what condition it is in as far as .11 goes but it isn't broken like it was by what I know.​
  5. YAY 0.11 Things may still be broke, plz let me know

    Things added or changed
    - Exhausts for Pessima (old)
    - Rollcage in the bed of the D series
    - 3.0 mod updated and brought over to this mod
    - Supercharger has a "whine" on the 3.0 for the sunburst and old pessima

    - exhaust stack should be removed
    - no van support
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  6. Quite A Big Update

    I know the aero parts have been put in since the last update
    hopefully the bolide config has been put in, if not then look in the discussion
    I have done some power adjusting I am sure, I also added the turbo update that I teased a longer ways back
    For now all the things are being done on the D-series mainly because this is a wip update
  7. 6.0 Available in Bolide & Barstow :D & And An Improved Bumper For D-Series

    Title mainly
    The Front bumper is getting worked on continously, in this version the sticker is gone but the physics of it should be better (better jbeam) it is also a tad lower to fit the D-Series a bit better since I noticed the front Fascia would go through the bumper

    As for the turbos I am going to redo them to be more realistic at some point
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  8. 7.3 ADDED - Ali Arc Based Bumper Added (WIP) - 7.3 = D and H series

    I count this as a big update, do you?
  9. HUGE UPDATE - Refined 6.0 - Adjusted Pistons - 4/5 Configs Complete AND MORE

    HUGE UPDATE - Refined 6.0 - Adjusted Pistons - 4/5 Configs Complete - Van Has Nearly All Parts (excluding exhausts) - Axle Dump Exhaust Added - File Managing - Roamer Got Some Updates - And More I May Have Forgotten
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  10. Config Fixed (I'm a nub) 6.4 Available To Roamer

    Don't know what else has changed

    The Config is named "6.0 Diesel STG1"

    Also I learned the config was broke due to SpeirsTheAmazing trying to use it
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