6.0L 6.4L & 7.3L V8 Diesels For The D-Series V0.9.7.91

Adds the Powerstroke 6.0 and Parts for the D-series And Roamer (And 6.4+7.3+3.0+2.0)

  1. Racermon
    Credits to @ThatCarGuyDownTheStreet for Offroad Pessima Config

    Check Discussion To See What Has Been Going On With This Mod

    Bed Cage Video

    V0.11 Ready :D

    5 Engines
    6.0 Powerstroke - (Available to D-Series Bolide Barstow & Roamer)
    Has 5 Turbos, 2 Piston Options, Power ranges between 315 hp and 560ish torque to nearly 1000hp and 1500 torque

    6.4 Powerstroke - (Made for hduncan806 - Available to D-Series Bolide & Roamer)
    Has 1 Turbo, 2 Piston Options, Power ranges between 350hp and 650 torque to 361hp and 653 torque

    7.3 Powerstroke - (Available to D-Series & Roamer )
    Has 1 Turbo, 2 Piston Options, Power ranges between 215hp and 450 torque to 232hp and 475 torque

    3.0 Vulcan V6 - (Available to Old Pessima, New Pessima and Sunburst)

    Has a supercharger with about 7psi of pressure for about 200hp, then includes a smaller pulley for it. also includes valvetrain upgrade, bottom end upgrade, ecu tune, and an optional NOS System

    2.0 RTEC I4 (Available to Old Pessima)
    This Engine should just have 2 Turbochargers it is based on a Honda engine but has my own little twist on it - Normal power is around 155 ft-lb of torque and about 240hp with a peak rpm of 9300rpm - With the turbos the peak should be around 480hp

    5 Interiors with a swapped oil gauge for a turbo gauge for D-Series
    For 6.0
    STG1 =
    STG1 Turbo (Stock)
    STG2 = STG2 Turbo
    STG3 = STG 3 Turbo
    STG4 = Adjustable Turbo
    STG5 = RCG Turbo

    --1 Dual Side Exit Mid-Frame - All Frames
    --2 "Straight" Pipes - Short Frame Only - 1 Dual 1 Single
    --1 Dual Side Exit Behind Wheels - Short And Extended Frame
    --1 Axle-Dump Exhaust - Short Frame
    --1 Ali-Arc Inspired Bumper On The D-Series
    --3 Different Sets Of Wings - Tailgate, and 2 Cabin Sets - D-Series
    --Lightened Short Cab, Hood, Main Doors, Bed, Tailgate - D-Series
    --3 Exhausts For Old Pessima - Front Bumper, Behind The Right Wheel and Sideskirt
    --Bedcage For The D-Series

    Included D-Series Configs:
    --Drag Diesel
    --Offroad Diesel
    --"Ricer" Diesel
    Included Pessima Configs:
    --Offroad Pessima (FWD) - @ThatCarGuyDownTheStreet
    --Base Model 3.0 Sunburst (AWD)
    --Built 3.0 Sunburst (AWD)

    Config Pack By SuperDragon1026: https://www.beamng.com/resources/superdragons-forn-config-pack.2084/
    (I believe it is usable now)

    If you do not have the latemodel mod made by Dummiesman you will have a unknown vehicle slot like the d-series just without a picture
    You can find the mod here https://www.beamng.com/threads/late-model-stock-car-lmsc.45161/

    Mountain Entertainment's Video: Version: ????
    Be sure to check out their channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCdvnr2EYwXp9Y8IroKn7GVg

    Here is link to a video of it racing the L5P engine mod (orig turbo and transmission)

    Update Video: V0.9


    MyMost Recent Video: V0.9.7.5
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Recent Reviews

  1. russ123abc
    Version: V0.9.7.91
    NOICE also i will say it so you don't have to.

    --Cheers Racermon
  2. kainzmarkus2003
    Version: V0.9.7.91
  3. devo343
    Version: V0.9.7.91
    needs to have custom sounds
  4. S N A S
    S N A S
    Version: V0.9.7.91
    I'd give it all stars if you got both cummins and duramax
    1. Racermon
      Author's Response
      That isn't really rating this mod, that is rating what isn't here.
      The point of a review is to rate the mod, and the mod says what is in it, you downloaded it for the title and description or at least you should have.
      Review - of the content and anything that isn't there that IS advertised
  5. bob.blunderton
    Version: V0.9.7.91
    A Vulcan 3.0, one of the most dependable (non-interference) engines FORD made! I had 3 vehicles with one and never had an ounce of trouble from the engines, so it's great to be able to re-make my old car.
    It's a shame it doesn't make the stereo-typical HRNNNNNNNG! the vulcan always made. You know, the sound you hear of the engine revving but the car's not really moving anywhere quickly.
    I still would rather have a Vulcan if I owned a Ford yet, vs most any other engines (also, there's a non-interference 4.0 also that's pretty good, was in a lot of the older Explorer and even Ranger high-end trims too).
    Here's to hoping someone can record the Vulcan's song one day so I can HRNNNNNNNNG! once again, bwahaha. If you never had one you'd think I was nuts (take a number, get in line if so), but if you did have one, you'd entirely know.
    Mechanics would know, too, not that the engine was why the car was in the shop in the first place. Usually the trans-axle connected to it was what was a bit soft.

    Made me surely smile when I pulled out from a turn, and it completely lacked low-end power or torque at all to get going again. Oh the days of the financial crisis of mid-late 2000's & 100~400$ cars (Taurus/Sable etc), but it kept going and going - and no mistake, I loved those cars and they were super comfy and that's all that mattered.
    Thank-you, you made my evening. I love little mods like this.
    1. Racermon
      Author's Response
      There is actually a Ranger here with the 3.0 :p so that is why I created the 3.0
  6. PriusRepellent
    Version: V0.9.7.91
    Nice mod. Any chance of adding the 427 Hemi?
    1. Racermon
      Author's Response
      Perhaps so if I can make it in the older version of Beamng I have, I really need to update it, but there is a chance

      --Cheers Racermon
  7. Cartecay_Modding
    Version: V0.9.7.91
    Awesome Mod! Highly Recommended!
  8. max09
    Version: V0.9.7.9
    Ah yes one of my fave mods so far!Noice bro
  9. ydoineedaname
    Version: V0.9.7.9
    i wanna see a mod with like 500 hp and 1000 tq like the newer pickups you understand me what i want to say right can you make one please?
  10. LS240
    Version: V0.9.7.8
    awesome mod
    1. Racermon
      Author's Response
      10/10 gut mod, eye gee in r8s it b8 outta 8 im a little l8 m8
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