Alpha 50 States Police Skins Pack 12/50 Hotfix

A skins pack that contains 50 States police vehicles

  1. Nathaniel Hudac
    Damn I'm so excited to announce this new project, which is called:
    50 States Police Vehicles Collection

    screenshot_00003.png screenshot_00004.png screenshot_00000.png screenshot_00001.png screenshot_00002.png screenshot_00005.png screenshot_00006.png 1.png

    This is a massive project, It probably gonna take me weeks to complete it so I matched the Title *Alpha*, however you have my update guaranteed.

    Completion: 12/50

    This mod will include 50 States Police Vehicles skins, yes you heard it, 50 States, from Alabama to Wyoming!!! Sounds like a plan eh? Due to the massive working period, this mod will not contain full 50 skins at first (Cuz I need time to finish 'em) In sprite of that, each updated some new skins will join in the big family, and finally couple weeks/months later the full version will come out. You can download now to experience the updating process, or you can just sit&wait till the final version came out.

    - The biggest skins project ever, 50 different States Police Skins
    - Each car has it's own description
    - High Quality Thumbnails
    - Updates guaranteed

    - Fully detailed skins
    - My passion

    How to install the mod?

    Use simply drop the mod file into your mod folder.
    Check the folder/cache/other mods before you report a bug.

    Community Support:

    - What? You want your state skin come first than others? Tell me!!!
    - Check changelogs for update
    - You can send your recommendations via reviews, pm or discussion thread

    - Feedback are very important, so leave 'em!

    Do NOT reupload it, Thank you!!!

    If you like this mod, please leave a 5 stars rating and click *like*

    April 5 2017

Recent Reviews

  1. Guguhuh
    Version: 12/50 Hotfix
    Are you adding new skins anymore? Pennsylvania would be cool to see next, great mod anyways.
  2. Shady Chaos
    Shady Chaos
    Version: 12/50 Hotfix
    Love it and I can't wait to see it complete!
  3. N.E.W.T 972
    N.E.W.T 972
    Version: 12/50 Hotfix
    Please add West Virginia's state police
  4. emeraldhunter
    Version: 12/50 Hotfix
    pls north carolina
  5. SourPotato
    Version: 12/50 Hotfix
    this is rly good but can you make a south carolina skin?
  6. TerrableDriverXD
    Version: 12/50 Hotfix
    Nice Modification! Can you do North Carolina?
  7. wolfsnaggle
    Version: 12/50 Hotfix
    excellent so far; would love to see some Canadian police skins too after this is done eh like Toronto Montreal and Ottawa
  8. medic59
    Version: 12/50 Hotfix
    Looking great, would love to see Illinois!!
    Version: 12/50 Hotfix
  10. NILSfunke
    Version: 12/50 Hotfix
    Very excited to see the next few states. I would love to haave them on both roamer and arshall,but I dont want to complain :)
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