Beta 4X4 Rock Crawler Pickup 3.0

Custom Tuned Off Road Boxer 4 Truck

  1. Matt Cook

    Boxer 4 / 4 speed/ Designed for low range rock crawling

    Lock the diffs before going offroad/

    Custom tuned suspension and motor designed for maximum traction/

    Reduced tire spin, and vehicle bounce/

    423 hp at 5500 rpms. Max Rpm 5500/

    550 lb -ft torque at 3200 rpms/

    Use low range to climb over rocks and logs at extra slow speed/

    Pop the clutch to get out of being hung or stuck/

    Pressure sensitive controls recommended for precision throttle input/

    Use the clutch with manual transmission mode, and low range in heavy terrain/

    Recommended Offroad Maps:

    ATE Playgrounds ( Lots of Mud Trails, Rocks, and Swamp, with a Massive Mountain to Climb)

    ToughTruckMap ( Huge Log Climb, and Mud Trail)

    King Of Slopes (Rock Course, with Hills and Trails)

    Insane Testing (An Awesome Hillclimb, and Tons of Other Good Testing Stuff)

    Puget Island (A Good Map for Mudding and Trail Riding)

    Muddy, and Dirty Offroad ( A Nice Long Rock Course, and Muddy Trails, with some Water)

    4x4 Driver Training: ( Some Really Good Hill Climbs,and Trails)

    Feel The Bumps ( Good For Suspension Testing, and Tons of Other Stuff)


    1. BeamNGdriveScreenshot20180728-18035251.png
    2. BeamNGdriveScreenshot20180728-19310297.png
    3. BeamNGdriveScreenshot20180728-19341302.png

Recent Reviews

  1. PROTOTYPE145_Gaming
    Version: 2.0
    I am going to download it right now. Also what is the map in the background of the pictures I would love to see how the pickup truck will do in the map also the mod looks great I can't wait to download it.
    1. Matt Cook
      Author's Response
      Thanks, there are two maps. One is called "ATE Playgrounds", and the other is called "King of Slopes".
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