Beta 4n's West Coast USA Bus Routes and Skin Pack 0.2

More Bus Stuff!

  1. Bus Route 9 and the addition of new sidepack

    Yes, there is another bus route in Belasco.
    Route 9 serves a under-served route between the Motorsport Park and the Horizon Estate.

    screenshot_2019-06-09_19-14-14.png screenshot_2019-06-09_19-20-40.png

    Along with this release I would also like to announce the side-pack including skins and configs for modded buses (DT45L/DT35se/hybrid drivechain)
    This can be seen at:
  2. Small Fixes (0.1.2)

    Route 8 and 8A now show their actual route in the route selector rather than one for Route 40
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