2077 Burnside Lujo V12 Special 1.0

A Custom 1000hp Land Yacht

  1. killercar34
    The Burnside Lujo V12 Special is a one off model payed for by one of the richest Fixers in town that didn't even start off as a Burnside. This car is actually a Gavril Montego, a mid level luxury coupe designed for elderly folk who missed oversized American Sedans and Coupes from the 1950s, 60s, and 70s. However, this Montego has been renamed the Burnside Lujo by the request of it's owner, along with having plenty of other things changed, such as having it's 5.5L V8 replaced with a 1000hp 9.5L V12 and to have a 7 speed sequential transmission. It also has the basic "Counter Assassin" package, which gives this Lujo Bulletproof body panels, tires, and glass, a Panic button which alerts Officers in the area that you are in danger, and hidden compartments in the dashboard to hide weaponry. Other features on this Lujo also include Plush seats, twin TVs for occupants in the rear seats, gold ash trays, a aftermarket infotainment with massive sub-woofers on the rear deck, and a increased ride height incase you need to bug out over something like a curb or parked motorcycles.


    1. BurnsideLujoV12Special.png
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