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2073 AFM Titan 4X4 1.0

Conquer and climb the world

  1. killercar34
    Quick note: This car was one of 9 that was suppose to be in a Cyberpunk Inspired Car Pack, however, due to my own incompetence and lack of understanding of files, I am unable to figure out how to put all of the cars into to pack in order to upload all of them at once, so instead, I will upload them one by one over the next few days.

    The AFM Titan 4X4 is a full-sized Pickup Truck designed to climb over rocks, logs, and mountains. It's 350hp 5.6L "Juggernaut" V8 delivers enough power to all 4 wheels to help this 2.7 ton beast reach places that would make other cars fall to pieces. It's a shame that most people who buy these trucks only use it as a status symbol to take up multiple parking spots at the local gym while giving it low profile tires, shiny chrome rims, and making it look like they only installed the front half of a lift kit.


    1. AFMTitan.png
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