An incredibly lightweight and fast track car, inspired from Lamborghini Sesto Elemento.

  1. Reiko's CF Emolga


    2022 RWD CRBN XCARLET is a lightweight track only supercar made by Reiko Walker Designs of UK, made with an intention of being the fastest and lightest track car they ever designed, their one of the final call to track only combustion engine cars, before advancing to designing sporty and fast electric vehicles in the near future, and also a personal gift from the designer to the special “person” in his life. A vision of the peak performance if the “person” was an automobile.

    The formula of this car is heavily based on Lamborghini Sesto Elemento, with the main focus on being lightweight but going fast as well. Using the lightest parts available to save weight, regardless of the cost and how long it takes to produce. It doesn’t stop there just yet, it also uses a light and powerful engine by using race car parts, making it only for track use and achieving the quickest lap times possible.

    - Body Panel: Full Carbon Fiber
    - Chassis: Carbon Fibre Monocoque
    - Layout: Mid Engine, All Wheel Drive
    - Front Suspension: Pushrod
    - Rear Suspension: Pushrod
    - Brakes:
    3-Piston Carbon Ceramic 375mm (F)
    3-Piston Carbon Ceramic 375mm (R)
    - Tyres:
    Semi Slicks P285/30R21 93Y
    Semi Slicks P305/30R21 94Y

    - Family: 2020 RWD Scarlet V6R
    - Block: Magnesium Block V6
    - Head: AlSi 30v DOHC
    - VVL: No
    - Aspirations: Twin Turbocharger
    - Fuel System: Direct Injection
    - Intake: Race
    - Fuel Type: Ultimate (100 RON)
    - Catalytic Converter: High Flow Three Way
    - Mufflers: None

    - Power: 721.3 HP @8000 RPM
    - Torque: 659.4 Nm @4800 RPM
    - Fuel Efficiency: 22.4% lb/hph
    - Weight: 164 Kg

    - Undertray: Downforce
    - Drivetrain: All Wheel Drive
    - Transmission: 6-Speed Electric LSD Sequential
    - Interior: 1-Seater Sporty Interior
    - Assists: Electric Variable Power Steering, ESC + LC
    - Safety: Basic 10s

    - 0 to 60 in 2.3s
    - Top Speed 206 Mph
    - 1/4 Mile 9.43s
    - 1 Km 17.1s
    - Cornering 20m: 1.45g
    - Cornering 200m: 2.11g
    - Front Downforce: 129 Kg
    - Rear Downforce: 331 Kg
    - Roll Angle: 2.7 degrees
    - Weight: 975.2 Kg
    - Distribution: 37.2F/62.8R
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