Beta 2022 Howler Elemental Anniversary Edition Art Car

An extremely rare edition of the Elemental, this art car is bold and bright. 350+ miles per hour!

  1. Howler Incorporated
    This is an extremely rare limited edition of the bestselling Howler Elemental hypercar, of which only a few are known to exist. Commissioned by the founder himself, Greyson Howler, as a celebration of his wedding anniversary, this one is perfect for collectors of the rarest and most interesting cars in the world.

    The Elemental was the debut vehicle for Howler Incorporated, the newest venture of its multi-billionaire CEO Greyson Howler. Greyson's personal collection includes many Anarchy and Trajano vehicles, but he wanted to add a dash of luxury and elegance to the supercar market with his new Howler marque.

    Want a bespoke, one of a kind Howler vehicle? For free?! Custom options are available! Requests can be submitted through email to, or through the official Howler Discord server, Finished vehicles are delivered safely and securely through Google Drive.

    |2022 Howler Elemental Specifications:
    Price | $3,400,000
    Power | 1,680 HP
    Top Speed | 341 MPH

    Feedback in the form of questions, comments, or suggestions is welcome and appreciated! Welcome to the Howler family!

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