Beta 2022 Hirochi CCF 2.1.0

A brand new, compact roadster. Currently Being Remastered.

  1. Theo Wilkinson
    Please be lenient as I've never done this before and there may be flaws to the mod I haven't got the skill to fix, also please report bugs in the Bug Reporting thread.

    This mod is being fully remastered within the next few months. It doesn’t fit my quality standards anymore.

    You may make anything for the CCF, though if it’s going on the repo, please tell me :D

    After 6 months of work, I am finally releasing my first ever standalone mod for BeamNG:
    The Hirochi CCF2!

    For certain configs, you may want:
    - @JorgePinto 's EU plates pack (all british configs)
    - @Nekkit 's Ibishu Chisai (JPN police config)
    - @Inn0centJok3r 's Gavril Vertex (certain preloaded songs on the radio)

    Lore and specs:
    - Name: Hirochi CCF2 (Compact Convertible Front engined 2 seater) or eCCF (electric variant)
    - Type: Compact sports car
    - Years: 2022-25
    - Price: £17k-£40k
    - Layout: FR
    - Engines: (oem) 1.6L F4 (Start engine), 2.0L F4, 2.4L F6, 2 eMotors (aftermarket) I6, V6
    - Transmissions: 6 Speed Manual, 7 Speed DCT, 7 Speed Race Manual, DCT and Sequential (all with Left Hand clutches)
    - Background:
    The Hirochi CCF2 is a brand new mid-grade sports Roadster that has a very tech-focused interior, though Hirochi knew people wouldn’t like a “lightweight” sports car to be a tech fest, so it’s not got a mega centre screen, however it is very high quality feeling inside.
    It is a very similar size to it's real life counterpart, however has a much shorter wheelbase and is 0.1 tonnes or so heavier.
    It's styling isn't based on any other car.


    The CCF2 has 43 Configurations, all built from the ground up and completely custom:

    It shares few parts with Official BeamNG cars, and has a next-to completely custom main model, interior, textures and Jbeam (230-6 Pictured):
    screenshot_2021-12-31_15-16-16.png screenshot_2021-12-31_15-16-28.png
    screenshot_2021-12-31_15-18-42.png screenshot_2021-12-31_15-18-51.png screenshot_2021-12-31_15-19-22.png screenshot_2021-12-31_15-19-46.png screenshot_2021-12-31_15-20-24.png

    screenshot_2021-12-31_15-16-56.png screenshot_2021-12-31_15-17-14.png

    And has many parts and colours to choose from:
    -Left Hand and Right Hand drive Unibodies (200-4S and eCCF 280)
    -eCCF and CCF2 Options
    screenshot_2021-12-31_15-30-52.png screenshot_2021-12-31_15-31-08.png screenshot_2021-12-31_15-38-16.png
    -Many custom colours
    - Many motor options
    - upload_2021-12-31_15-40-47.png upload_2021-12-31_15-41-1.png
    - Many OEM and aftermarket part options
    - A full turbo kit for the F4 and F6
    - Lots of skins
    - 7 interior colours, with 2 roof colours and customisable parts
    screenshot_2021-12-31_15-47-45.png screenshot_2021-12-31_15-48-04.png screenshot_2021-12-31_15-48-20.png screenshot_2021-12-31_15-48-36.png screenshot_2021-12-31_15-48-52.png screenshot_2021-12-31_15-49-20.png screenshot_2021-12-31_15-49-59.png
    - A detailed powertrain (N/A F4, then eMotor, then Turbo F6)
    screenshot_2021-12-31_15-52-24.png screenshot_2021-12-31_15-53-26.png screenshot_2021-12-31_15-51-40.png
    - A fully functional centre screen, with a radio, working volume dial, working time and working temperature dial.
    screenshot_2021-12-31_15-56-31.png screenshot_2021-12-31_15-56-53.png
    - A digital speedometer with a gearshift suggestor.
    - And much more, I can't cover everything as I normally would on a facelift mod. radio tutorial is here

    Credits (please read):
    @Finn Wilkinson :
    - CCFS wheels
    - Centre and Climate Screen final designs and layouts
    - Off-Roadster config
    - Cup config
    - Everything marked FSW
    - Glass models
    - S Lip spoiler
    - Fender flares
    - Original design
    @DaddelZeit :
    - Brake-Hazard Lua
    - V6 Swap parts
    - eCCF gauge needle lua
    @Nacho Problem :
    - remodelled Bonnet, front bumper, front wings, doors, quarter panels and edited boot and rear bumper
    - design tweaks
    @LJ74 :
    - Hirochi CCFR 16x7/8 wheels
    - Hirochi TR90 16x7/8 wheels
    - Hirochi Sun-E 17x7/8 wheels
    @Subarishi_Motors :
    - I6 Swap
    @Shadows :
    - All skins except LIGHT, Cup Folk, Cup Press and Crash Test
    - Rally config
    - GBF2 config
    @Kueso :
    - all engine tuning
    - original config naming (hence fullybuilt numberplates being [CYLINDERS-Kueso-Approx horsepower]
    - F6 model
    - all sounds that aren’t base game
    - most paint colours and names
    @L2W :
    - stanced config
    @Inn0centJok3r :
    - the entire Centre Screen implementation (not design)
    - Radio Lua
    - Speedometer, gear display and shift suggestion logic
    - JPN lightbar
    Official BeamNG:
    - SBR engine model, transmission, ESC
    - K-series suspension
    - Anything Nomi
    - The base game, obviously
    - all textures
    - all colour names
    - most configs
    - most implementation
    - Most of the Jbeam, except FSW parts, windscreen and a few other bits.
    - all models except aforementioned
    - all design and proportions

    I hope you enjoy the car, and as said at the start report bugs on the thread.

Recent Reviews

  1. MjklSimpson
    Version: 2.1.0
    urgently needs quick ratio race steering!!! otherwise it would be my favorite car mod.
  2. Needforspeed2005
    Version: 2.1.0
    Dev quality
  3. Sky777
    Version: 2.1.0
    One of the best car mods in the entire repository! Absolutely beautiful quality!
  4. FBI485
    Version: 2.1.0
    Absolutely amazing quality and mod, I would love it even more with the RK engines mod and Aftermarket transmissions mod
  5. G-Farce
    Version: 2.1.0
  6. bobux_man_real
    Version: 2.1.0
    when the hirochi hvvt kicks in
  7. Iridescent
    Version: 2.1.0
    Very fun to drive, especially with traction control off (it really doesn't need traction control)
  8. elcamino
    Version: 2.1.0
    Amazing mod but when will it be updated to fit the lore of the kljp?
    1. Theo Wilkinson
      Author's Response
      It will sometime in the next few months. Still busy with other mods
  9. NuT-N-NuT
    Version: 2.1.0
    Extremely high quality, feels almost like almost an official car.
  10. AbyssWalker240
    Version: 2.1.0
    This is a fantastic mod with lots to offer, but I feel there are a couple small issues with the way it drives. On the electric versions, it feels like there is an extreme amount of braking force in only the first 20-30% of braking, enough to make abs flash and the rest of the pedal useless. Another issue I notice is only noticeable on a force feedback steering wheel. I feel that the first 45-90% or so left or right have basically no feel and the car hardly responds. Race tires make this issue a little less and this is an amazing mod regardless, I hope to see these issues resolved in the future.
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