2021 Vostro Mamba GTRS Concept 1.0

Vostro's official concept car for the GT class Makes 1600 horsepower, first Vostro Hypercar

  1. Prometheus__67890
    Say hello to the new track king, the Vostro Mamba GTRS, named after the black mamba in order to symbolize the car's deadly speed and agility. This is Vostro's official car concept for GT class racing and is made of full carbon fiber, more detailed specs listed below.
    mamba1.jpg mamba2.jpg mamba3.jpg mamba4.jpg mamba5.jpg mamba6.jpg
    Detailed Specifications and information:
    Vostro VDrive EXP AWD system
    0-60 time of 2.1 seconds
    top speed of 260-265 mph
    Carbon Fibre body Panels, and wheels
    ARS experimental Vostro Suspension system
    15 inch Carbon Ceramic Disc brakes
    3400 pounds(car weight)
    Mid Engined
    5-liter magnesium twin-turbo V10(HyberBar Experimental Engine Var1)
    The engine is pushing out 1650 crank horsepower
    Frame Layout Shown below:

    Vostro, separate yourself from the competition.

    Important Note: This vehicle is a concept car, it is not the best it can be and is very rough around the edges at this point, it is a symbol of what to expect from Vostro and serves as an announcement of Vostro's entry into the competitive racing scene of the automotive industry. If you find issues, send them to me, and if possible, send me possible solutions.

    Important Note(10/22/2020): New version of this car is set for launch later today, the car is lighter, more agile, and has a better more reliable drivetrain. It is the real deal, the next official race car, no longer a concept. Stay tuned!

    Newer More Refined Version in process of approval, you can check out the actual car at my youtube channel, one lap around west coast USA track performed so you can get a feel for this car.
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