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2021 Trimonia Dagger XTR 1.0

An Incredibly Fast Gt By Australian Brand Trimonia

  1. LightningDued5
    Screenshot10.png Screenshot11.png Screenshot12.png Screenshot13.png Screenshot14.png Screenshot15.png Screenshot16.png
    This is the Trimonia Dagger.

    Ment to release alongside the blade, the dagger went through multiple redesigns and changes until it ended up like this. The dagger was ment to be a cleaner, less extreme alternative to the blade. But this is no ordinary dagger. It is the XTR

    2700hp 10l Twin Turbo V10, 9200rpm
    O-100 in 1.8s
    Top speed of an insane 540kmh or 345mph
    Price of $899,000 Aud
    Too many headlight pieces

Recent Reviews

  1. Martin.S
    Version: 1.0
    So cool!
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