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2021 MotorWorks - Oslo O7s Wildfire 1.0

A Beautiful 2000hp V12 Custom Swedish Grand Tourer

  1. LightningDued5
    Screenshot28.png Screenshot29.png Screenshot30.png Screenshot31.png Screenshot32.png Screenshot35.png Screenshot36.png Screenshot38.png

    This Is The MotorWorks Oslo O7s "Wildfire"

    Built As A One Off Special For The 2021 Geneva Motor Show, MotorWorks Swapped Out The 3.0l TT V6 And Electric Motors For A Stupidly Powerful 2000 Hp 6.3l V12.

    After The Geneva Motor Show, MotorWorks Scrapped The Idea Of The Wildfire Being A One Off, So MotorWorks Made The "Wildfire" Package.
    Costing A Ridiculous $500,000.


    6.3l TT V12, 2000hp.

    0 - 100 1.9s

    Quarter Mile Time= 8.9s

    Price: Oslo O7s (Stock) $100 000 + WildFire Kit $500 000.

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    Subo M O D E
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