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2021 Atkins Diplomat V8 Armored Guard Sedan 1.0

Armored Version Of The Atkins Diplomat

  1. Hunter Atkins
    MAKE: Atkins
    MODEL: Diplomat
    TRIM LEVEL: V8 Guard
    ENGINE: V8
    COLOR: Tuxedo Black
    WHEELS: 20` Stylized/Strengthened 5-Spokes

    DESCRIPTION: The 2021 Atkins Diplomat Guard is an aromored version of the full sized Atkins luxury sedan. The Guard trims adds 0.5inch armored plating, bulletproof glass, run-flat tires, sealed climate system, onboard satellite communication system, flag mountings, partition and a style upgrade (additional chrome).


    1. diplomat13.jpg
    2. diplomat15.jpg
    3. diplomat16.jpg
    4. diplomat17.jpg
    5. diplomat18.jpg
    6. dipolomat14.jpg
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