2020 Rex R30 Horizon GT - Fun i6 Sports Car 1.0

$66,700 worth of pure fun! Experience awesome at your local Rex dealer.

  1. AbyssWalker240
    Rex decided it needed an affordable alternate to their other sports coupe, and this is what you get. A 3,900 pound, 66,700 dollar, 540 hp sports car. This car is borderline supercar, meaning that it's performance is supercar besting. It boasts a 4.0l turbo inline 6 cylinder that uses it's 540 horses to properly get the car from 0 to 60 in 3.4 seconds, with a top speed up to 183 mph.

    r30-f1.png r30-f2.png r30-r1.png
    Notice that it runs Avarax badging because Rex is only a sub-brand.

Recent Reviews

  1. LeeryCape4
    Version: 1.0
    I give you four stars! 540hp is a lot plenty i'm sure. But 66 grand is a lot of money! Please look into making it cheaper. Wishing you luck Luka Motor Co.
    1. AbyssWalker240
      Author's Response
      Yeah I'm considering making a cheaper model, this one had quality sliders on like +5 for the engine (hence 540 hp). I've since learned how to make cheaper cars, definitely will be making a cheaper remake soon. (sorry for a rather late reply...)
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