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2020 Oslo O4 V6 Sedan 1.0

Badge-Engineered Variant Of The Linceton Lexani TS

  1. Hunter Atkins
    After being bought by DMG in March Olso Motors is in the process of re-inventing its image. So as a joint venture between Oslo Motors and DMG an entry level performance sedan was created and branded as the Oslo O4. Underneath the skin of the O4 is a Linceton Lexani TS Sedan. The interior of the O4 and the engine are both designed by Oslo Motors.


    1. oslo1.jpg
    2. HiResPhoto562.png
    3. HiResPhoto563.png
    4. HiResPhoto564.png
    5. HiResPhoto565.png
    6. HiResPhoto566.png
    7. HiResPhoto567.png
    8. HiResPhoto568.png
    9. HiResPhoto569.png
    10. HiResPhoto570.png
    11. HiResPhoto571.png
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