2020 Cutler Conquistador 1.01

A modern v8 powered sedan (also wagon available), slightly inspired by the 2005+ Dodge Charger

  1. RY4NDY
    The name is inspired by the late 1950's styled car in Just Cause (1) called "Cutler-Randall Conquistador", and I imagined what a modern-day variant of that car could've been like if it would still be in production.
    I called the brand just "Cutler" instead of "Cutler-Randall" like it is called on the 1950's car in Just Cause, because in Just Cause another vehicle (Cutler Bullhorn, a 1980's/90's van) is named just "Cutler".
    I therefore assume that at some point between the 1950's and 1980's the brand got renamed and dropped the "-Randall" part of their name, so I've also not included that part of the name here since this 2020 car is obviously also made after the 1980's.

    It comes in 7 variants; from left to right: Sedan - Estate - Sedan Deluxe - Sports Sedan - Estate Offroad - Sedan police patrol - Sports Sedan police interceptor.

    All of them also have their own (some shared between multiple variants) paint colors, so if you use them in AI traffic they won't just spawn in default/red/blue/black/red like Automation cars normally do after you've exported them to BeamNG.


    Powered by a naturally aspirated V8 with automatic transmission, and available in 9 different colors.


    Same powertrain and color options as the Sedan, pretty much the only difference is the bodywork.

    Sedan Deluxe:

    Same N/A V8 and transmission as the normal Sedan/Estate variant, but with a more luxurious exterior (and interior, but that's not actually there other then in statistics in Automation) and more comfort-oriented suspension/brakes. Available in 9 colors, most of them unique to the Deluxe variant.

    Sports Sedan:

    Powered by a more powerful turbocharged version of the V8 engine, and equipped with a manual transmission which causes it to be a lot faster, although also more difficult to control. The bodywork has been changed too, now featuring more agressive styling, such as a front splitter, rear spoiler, hood scoop and various black-colored details such as the roof and stripes on the side skirts. It is available in 13 different colors; most of the colors from the normal Sedan/Estate, and some more brighter colors for if you really want to be noticed.

    Estate Offroad:

    This special edition is powered by the N/A V8 engine from the normal Sedan/Estate models, but since it now has a manual transmission, 4x4, lockable diffs, high-low gearing, bigger wheels, offroad-oriented suspension and more it can now conquer any terrain. Since it's a special edition with a limited production run it's only available in 3 different colors.

    Sedan police patrol:

    Based on the normal Sedan, with the same powertrain/performance, but with police-oriented accesoires and a livery. Obviously available in 1 color.

    Sports Sedan police interceptor:

    Based on the Sports Sedan, with the same performance/powertrain as the normal Sports Sedan, but with police accesoires added. Also there is a slight visual glitch in the decals used to get the doors white around the side mirrors, but nothing too annoying or game-breaking.

Recent Updates

  1. Added windshield wipers
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