2020 Admiral Elite GT 6MT 1.0

Enjoyable luxury

  1. killercar34
    Once again, Admiral has brought back the Elite, but this time with a interesting option, a 6 speed manual transmission. The reason behind this strange design choice is that Eric Greene, current CEO of Admiral Motors, is a massive fan of manual transmission vehicles, and is very interested in the preservation of the manual transmission, and thus convinced the Admiral family to allow him and the lead designers to add a 6 speed manual transmission to the Elite GT. The Elite GT 6MT got many headlines on the internet, along with a bit of a cult following, mostly because of it's novelty, and thus became a financial success... barely. The strangest thing about the 6MT is that it was faster around the famous Airfield track in the UK then it's 8 speed automatic counterpart.


    1. Admiral.png
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