2019 ZAAG 2000 XE GT 1.0

A fast Swedish grand tourer

  1. Shadowdragon94
    Introducing the ZAAG 2000, a Turbo-V6 powered grand tourer car with 350 or so horsepower and with good suspension and amazing safety.

    "This car handles great and performs well"-some auto journalist

    screenshot_2019-03-08_22-25-23.png screenshot_2019-03-08_22-25-23.png screenshot_2019-03-08_22-10-18.png screenshot_2019-03-08_22-10-41.png screenshot_2019-03-08_22-44-18.png screenshot_2019-03-08_22-21-31.png


    1. screenshot_2019-03-08_22-25-11.png
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