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2019 Pegasus P20 1.0

One of Pegasus' concepts, fast and futuristic!

  1. DaddelZeit
    Pegasus is a company founded in late 2018, and only
    made concept cars at first. Their concepts were known
    to be fast and futuristic. Only a small amount of people
    knew about this company at the beginning, but their
    fanbase grew more and more. In early 2019 they started
    work on one of their concepts, the 2019 Pegasus P20 -
    a fast, modern sport-coupe!

    4.5L V6 with a Turbo,
    370 hp at 6200 rpm
    584 NM of torque at 3000 rpm
    DCT 7-Speed Transmission
    AWD - Front-Engine
    4 Seconds 0-100(km/h)

    screenshot_2020-07-21_19-51-31.png screenshot_2020-07-21_19-51-40.png screenshot_2020-07-21_19-58-18.png screenshot_2020-07-21_19-58-26.png screenshot_2020-07-21_19-58-46.png
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