Beta 2019 ETK TT8 1.1

the luxurios way of sportivity

  1. 90s Freak
    The ETK TT8 is a luxury sport coupé, my own Interpretation of the actual BMW M8.

    20 years after ETK ended the producing of the last TT8 (1989-1999 ETK TT8 coming soon) they decided to make a whole new one. Full packed with modern luxury stuff and lots of power.

    The 5 Liter V12 DOHC Biturbo shoot this 2060kg flagship with 1156hp and 998Nm on all 4 wheels to a maximum speed of 423km/h (263mph)

    Explore the car for yourself and find the whole new way of driving pleasure ;)


    Update plans:
    - changing engine sound
    - improve the suspension
    - improve the body (the doors are little bit to clean in my opinion)
    - adding interieur
    - some other stuff

    screenshot_2021-09-19_18-20-46.png screenshot_2021-09-19_18-21-21.png screenshot_2021-09-19_18-21-57.png screenshot_2021-09-19_18-22-27.png screenshot_2021-09-19_18-22-55.png screenshot_2021-09-19_18-23-19.png screenshot_2021-09-19_18-23-58.png screenshot_2021-09-19_21-01-21.png screenshot_2021-09-19_21-03-51.png

Recent Updates

  1. slightly facelift

Recent Reviews

  1. GTTR__2013
    Version: 1.0
    Not bad
  2. OldTimersGaming
    Version: 1.0
    Good job.
    1. 90s Freak
      Author's Response
      Thanks :)
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