Outdated 2019 ETK 400-Series TT-Sport GTI 1.0

SubCompact executive for ETK

  1. MilletBoxZHANG
    The 2019 ETK 400-Series It's a subcompact executive car,Compared to the previous model, the car has a front-wheel drive platform, but it still retains the all-wheel-drive system.
    The TT-Sport GTI has a All-Wheel-drive system and a 311BHP high-performance 2.0T I4 engine.
    In Automation:
    HiResPhoto20.png HiResPhoto21.png HiResPhoto24.png HiResPhoto25.png
    In BeamNG:
    screenshot_2021-09-23_17-13-04.png screenshot_2021-09-23_17-12-11.png screenshot_2021-09-23_17-14-48.png
    Other pictures:

Recent Reviews

  1. OldTimersGaming
    Version: 1.0
    Superb, one of the most detailed Automation cars I've seen to date.
    1. MilletBoxZHANG
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