2019 AutoBello Piccolina 1.0

a generic eco Autobello

  1. BeamNG.Lover2002
    The 2019 AutoBello Piccolina a 3 pot turbocharged city car with some quirks.
    it can oversteer and under steer and fit 4 people it is a win win.
    Plus with some quick swerves after removing the sway bars can make this an ample stunt car:cool:

    p.s this is my first automation mod on the repo so please give helpful criticism

    screenshot_2019-01-15_11-48-56.png screenshot_2019-01-15_11-49-07.png screenshot_2019-01-15_11-49-32.png screenshot_2019-01-15_11-49-35.png screenshot_2019-01-15_11-49-38.png screenshot_2019-01-15_11-49-52.png screenshot_2019-01-15_11-50-06.png screenshot_2019-01-15_11-51-04.png screenshot_2019-01-15_11-51-13.png

Recent Reviews

  1. damian2801
    Version: 1.0
    Looks Really nice for an automation mod
    1. BeamNG.Lover2002
      Author's Response
      Thank you took me 2 hours just to finalize the fixtures
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