2014 Blackburn Equire Prestige L 1.2

The Double R Overtaker

  1. Any Name You Wish
    • The level of respect at which one is regarded by others; standing.
    • A person's high standing among others; honor or esteem.
    • Widely recognized prominence, distinction, or importance
    The brand new 2014 Blackburn Equire Prestige L, puts prestige, in your arms.


    A brand new platform boasting a 4-Lieter Straight 6 with 644 Horsepower, 7 speed Dual-Clutch Transmission, and Smart-TRAC All-Wheel-Drive, the comfort level is immense.


    Surrounded by a host of Blackburn Protective Technologies, the Equire gets a BIHS 5-Star Rating and a BIHS Top Safety Pick Award, the safest in it's class.

    **I have done some editing to the files, and made it so if you crash into something, the lights all around the car dislodge into many pieces instead of getting bent into the crash! this took me hours.**


    The Equire is the perfect mix between exclusive executive comfort and rocketing sportiness and performance, with a 0 to 60 time of only 4.2 seconds, and a wheelbase extended by 13 inches.

    The 2014 Blackburn Equire Prestige L
    Starting at $167,000

    Consult A Dealer Today!


    This is my third Automation mod!

    I hope you enjoy, as I have put many hours into this, mostly because of the beautiful taillights and the file editing to make more pieces fall off during a crash.

    I hope you enjoy your Equire experience!


Recent Updates

  1. Redid gearbox, braking, and made car quieter.
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