2012 Wakai F_USE 1.0

A non-meme on a meme body. Yes.

  1. Taffin Blur
    2012 Wakai F_USE

    This mod adds a concept car of Wakai, F_USE. It's a one-seat microcar, powered by a 0.5L I4. It has an insane fuel economy, 2.5L/100km (118 mpg), AWD and lots of possibilities to flip it over, along with a funky design. I just had to make a non-meme car on this body.

    Photo293.png Photo294.png screenshot_2020-11-08_19-27-55.jpg screenshot_2020-11-08_19-28-40.jpg screenshot_2020-11-08_19-30-18.jpg

    No changes were made to it, aside from the horn and the removal of the terribly looking chassis.​

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