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2012 AFM Rapido Custom 1.0

Because 900hp in a car the size of a Golf Cart is a great idea to some.

  1. killercar34
    This car... where do I even start with this car? Well, it use to be a 2008 AFM Rapido, a small 4 seater RWD compact car that was meant to target consumers in congested areas or those who didn't what every other car manufacturer was pumping out: Crossover SUVS. Well, guess making it RWD was a mistake, because someone decided to make this thing into... well... I have no idea what this thing is now. A Hypercar? A Drag racing champion? A tiny drift car? A Microscopic Coffin? I don't know! But here's what I do know; the absolute madman who had this Rapido decided to throw a custom built 3.1L V10, yes, V10, into the engine bay of this Rapido and then slap a twin turbo system onto that, modified the entire car in order to withstand that amount of power, gave it the thickest tires available and a body kit that could cover the tires, a massive spoiler, a 7 speed dual clutch transmission that could in theory give this car a top speed off... well... no one knows how fast this car can go. Wait, you want to take this car on a Top Speed run? Alright, just note that I'm not responsible if you... how should I put this? Oh yeah; die.


    1. AFMRapidoCustom.png
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