2003 Civetta Aribert 1.0

Good for long roads, bad for turns

  1. OldTimersGaming
    2003_Civetta_Aribert_Front.jpg 2003_Civetta_Aribert_Back.jpg

    "The Civetta Aribert is for those who want to go fast and aren't concerned about turns. If you're coming up on a turn, you might want to slow down."

    The 2003 Civetta Aribert is a lore-friendly version of the 2003-2008 Lamborgini Gallardo Coupe I made in Automation for BeamNG.drive. Sorry for the poor turning but I guess it can be considered a balance for the fast speed.

    Note: images may not reflect the current version of the vehicle.

    - FoxyOPito: "BeamNG Badges" mod for Automation that I used to make this (no longer available for download)
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