1998 AFM Comet GT 1.0

A car that proved that good cars can be built on a budget.

  1. killercar34
    AFM found themselves in a small pickle back in the mid 1990s; they didn't produce a car with a cheap sticker price in years. Since AFM decided to actually listen to what people wanted out of their cars instead of telling consumers what they wanted, they decided to create the AFM Comet in 1996, a small FWD coupe designed to be cheap, reliable, and fun. With a EcoTorque 1.7L I4 that makes 118hp that withstood every torture test AFM could through at it, the Comet proved to be a success. In 1998, AFM decided to release a sport package called the GT that included stiffer suspension, bigger brakes, a slightly longer gear ration, fog lights, a hood scoop, and a small spoiler.


    1. CometGT.png
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