Beta 1996-2005 Canadian Heavy Industries LF4500 1.0

A successful entry into an all-new vehicular market.

  1. B727ClassicFlyer
    [Vehicle shown in Commercial White]

    "The LF4500 (or Low Floor 4500) is Canadian Heavy Industries' foray into public transit vehicles starting in 1996. As the name implies, it is a 45 foot low-floor bus, a deliberate design choice to appeal to cities that might need smaller buses. Powered by a large V8 engine, this bus has all the grunt it can possibly need to get a full complement of passengers where they need to go within a city's limits. With a timeless yet efficient design, the LF4500 proved to be efficient for city use; a successful try within an all new vehicular market."

    Manufacturer Suggested Retail Price: $31,200 ($47,443 after adjusting for inflation)

Recent Reviews

  1. GlassCastle
    Version: 1.0
    Now all we need is a mini coach bus, something like the nissan civilian
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