Beta 1995 Ibishu Kashira (Gen 2) 1.0

Back, and better than ever before!

  1. Re:Z_IA
    /!\ If you have version 3.0 or older of the Gen-1 Kashira installed, please remove it and clear your cache prior to installing this mod. The latest version of the Gen-1 Kashira (3.2) shouldn’t cause issues, however.

    Please do this if you are having sound or texture issues!

    It's here! Featuring sliding doors, a multitude of custom parts, and a completely redesigned appearance, the Second Gen Ibishu Kashira is the ultimate mid-size minivan!

    Produced from 1995-2001, the Gen 2 Kashira continues the sporty-but-practical image of it's predecessor, while also adding popular features such as sliding doors, optional plastic body panels, and a sleek dash-mounted shifter. This generation was also released in European markets, with different engine options and other localization changes.

    There are several engine options available, ranging from a tiny 1.8 liter inline 4, to a powerful 3.5 liter V6, and various customization options to go with them, including a twincharge system that allows for both a turbocharger and supercharger on the same engine. There are also literally tons of custom parts you can install, including various widebody kits, underbody neons, and a surfboard. This version also features skin support on all stock parts, and includes a variety of skins, including a few that aren't used on any configs.

    Weird music by me...

    Pictures by @Car_Killer

    screenshot_2019-04-08_13-51-27.png screenshot_2019-04-08_14-00-01.png screenshot_2019-04-08_14-12-55.png screenshot_2019-04-08_14-19-36.png screenshot_2019-04-08_14-33-29.png screenshot_2019-04-08_14-41-43.png screenshot_2019-04-08_15-00-13.png screenshot_2019-04-08_15-08-00.png screenshot_2019-04-08_15-14-43.png screenshot_2019-04-09_14-08-52.png screenshot_2019-04-09_14-09-31.png screenshot_2019-04-11_17-15-21.png screenshot_2019-04-11_17-19-49.png screenshot_2019-04-11_17-23-14.png screenshot_2019-04-11_17-32-47.png screenshot_2019-04-11_17-34-07.png

    Special Thanks To...
    • @Car_Killer for a ton of help with everything on this mod! It wouldn't be nearly this polished and customizable without his help!
    • @Ai'Torror for helping us refine the engines
    • @Blijo for providing the surfboard mesh
    • And all of our fantastic beta testers!
    Known Issues/Quirks
    • Almost all of the "custom" bumpers and bodykits do not have skin support, but will in the future. The UV sheet just isn't set up for all the extra parts at the moment
    • Cars with super high torque/power tend to want to slightly pull to the right under power. I'm pretty sure this is due to the way the differentials are set up, so we'll potentially add some high-power parts in the future. It's not too bad though, and you should be fine under like 1000 horsepower.
    • Super high power configs can get a bit "shakey" in the rear hatch area under heavy wheelspin, due to the rollcage not extending to the very back.
    • The interior does not have custom textures at the moment, so it's a bit simple, but will be refined more in the future
    • Reflections can be a bit weird in places
    • The tow hitch doesn’t work, due to the latches on the doors interfering with it for some reason
    If you find any more issues, please let us know on the discussion page!

    Also, if you are having issues, and have both generations installed, try removing one first and see if that fixes it. I believe I fixed all the conflicts, but I could've potentially missed a few.

    Have fun! (^^)

Recent Reviews

  1. ludo-A113
    Version: 1.0
    I LOVE IT, i'd give a 10/ rating if i could, all my respect goes to you deer developer of that mod, thanks to give our community that masterpeice of car by ibishu
  2. Grid-net Gaming
    Grid-net Gaming
    Version: 1.0
    i love the '90s touch to it!
  3. jakemcl2706
    Version: 1.0
    This is amazing! Hopefully you make a gen 3! : )
  4. RecklessRodeo
    Version: 1.0
    It's so good! I've been waiting for this for a long time now.
  5. groovybloke
    Version: 1.0
  6. gjk0404
    Version: 1.0
    It will not load as the gen 2 kashira but will load as the gen 1 kashira. can u help me with that problem
    1. Re:Z_IA
      Author's Response
      Have you made sure to uninstall any old versions of the Kashira and clear your cache before installing this one? Let me know on the discussion thread if you need any more help.
  7. Flamingo
    Version: 1.0
    uhh never mind im an idiot my bluetooth keyboard just disconnected again 5 stars it feels like its should be pre-installed
  8. Crazy Killer
    Crazy Killer
    Version: 1.0
  9. Quirble
    Version: 1.0
    Very well-made addition to the Ibishu lineup, also an excellent addition of a minivan into a game sadly lacking them. I absolutely enjoy all the configurations, and the sliding doors are the icing on the cake for me.
  10. Cwen209
    Version: 1.0
    I'm having trouble with interior textures.
    1. Re:Z_IA
      Author's Response
      Hi! Could you please explain what issues you're having on the discussion thread, so that we can try to fix them? Thanks!
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