1994 S60 Weapon R 1.0

A cheap, track focused korean hothatch, based on pure performance

  1. akindofcat
    The 1994 S60 Weapon R is a track focused korean hothatch, featuring a turbocharged 1.8L 16v inline 4, putting out 220 HP and about 300 Nm of torque.
    It's constructed in such a way that it does not weigh more than 938 kilos from factory, giving it some quick handling.
    The car comes with a RWD drivetrain, allowing it to hit 60 Mph in a mere 5 seconds.

    Thanks to all of the above, the S60 has become a staple in the automotive world, being renowned for the insane performance it packs in such a small package.

    S601.png S602.png

Recent Reviews

  1. Hunter Atkins
    Hunter Atkins
    Version: 1.0
    Love this!! 90`s hot hatches is where its at
    1. akindofcat
      Author's Response
      Hell yeah, we need more of them!
  2. trafficracer24
    Version: 1.0
    Reminds me of a Ford Escort Cosworth.
    and this car is epic ok
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