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1993 Gavril Trek 1.0

Proof that cutting corners is a bad thing.

  1. killercar34
    The 1993 Gavril Trek was the response Gavril had to their lack of cheap vehicles that could carry lots of people at once. However, because this car was sold for so cheap when it was new, it was fair to assume it was made cheaply. The 3.1L V6 isn't reliable, the body and chassis would rust easily, most of the dials and buttons in the interior would stick or break, and the transmission had a bad habit of slipping. Though this van was mass produced and sold well, it's life span only lasted 3 years. Don't feel bad about crashing this van, it was most likely gonna fall apart by itself in a few months anyways.


    1. GavrilTrek.png

Recent Reviews

  1. rickanderson75
    Version: 1.0
    Looks pretty nice! And where did you get that name? Its good!!
    1. killercar34
      Author's Response
      Thanks for the review! I used the name Trek because it's a synonym for journey, and my parent's friends and I use to go on all kinds of journeys in a old Chevy Lumina APV, which is what I based the Trek off of. Good times.
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