Beta 1987/ Le Gran Track Car/V12 1.0

A torque tuned V12 cruiser

  1. Matt Cook
    A unique V12 tune, and it's a good track car. Especially on the High Speed Highway time trial on the East Coast Map. It does not float like a boat. It grips like a supercar. It has a very specific purpose.(Tracks like High Speed Highway) were you stay at top speed most of the time, and rarely slow down. I use this car for stunts mostly.


    1. BeamNGdriveScreenshot20180814-17383636.png
    2. BeamNGdriveScreenshot20180814-17394182.png
    3. BeamNGdriveScreenshot20180814-17394547.png
    4. BeamNGdriveScreenshot20180814-17395274.png
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