1985 Owl Speedback 86e 1.0

1985's Favorite Japanese-American AWD Sports-Hatch!

  1. Acrain7
    "Want to drift, kid? Owl let ya."

    The 1985 Owl Speedback 86e
    20180714162951_1.jpg 20180714162309_1.jpg 20180714162445_1.jpg 20180714162157_1.jpg

    - Gull Wing Glass-Topped Doors!
    - A V6 Bi-Turbo Generating (insert number of horsepower here because i was too lazy to find the amount of horsepower it has)
    - A Limited Slip AWD Setup!
    - State-Of-The-Art McPherson Front Suspension!
    - A 100% Stainless Steel Body!
    - Versatile Cargo Area Accessible Via An Ultralight Rear Hatch!
    - 6Speed Manual Transmission For All Your Sportscar Needs!
    - Low Starting Price Of $16,000!

    (seriously though this weird Japanese Delorean-Pontiac-Trans-Am-Porsche Mashup is really fun and easy to drive!)

    -Acrain7 :D
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