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Beta 1985 Alpha Eco One 1.5

80's Kei car style

  1. eastman12
    Alpha's premier economy car, the Eco One, was launched in Japan back in 1985. It was a massive success. The small kei car body was practical for city driving and was light enough to let the 1.4L inline 4 engine leverage its 91 horsepower and 98 lb-ft of torque.
    The Eco One was also quite nimble, and could keep up with some larger and more powerful cars; though the Eco One suffers uphill and still lacks much power for straight line speed. It's main strengths are its fuel economy and practicality.
    The Eco One scored the highest in the Beam Automobile Testing Group (BATG)'s rigourous economy car testing suite in 1988, beating the previous reigning champ by a slim margin.
    The BATG's economy test includes highway fuel economy, city fuel economy, and a street circuit track.

    In the highway test (2L of fuel with cruise control set to 75mph) the Eco One traveled 13.7 miles and averaged 25.8 miles per gallon.

    In the city test (0.5L of fuel on a predetermined road course with 35mph max/target speed) the Eco One traveled 2.6 miles, completing 2.5 laps and averaging 20 miles per gallon.

    In the performance test (West Coast USA Street Course 2) the Eco One managed a total time of 4:12 and a flying lap of 2:04.
    Overall, the Eco One is a small and lightweight economy car that was revolutionary for its time.

    *note* all testing was done with a wheel and pedals, highway testing utilized the in-game cruise control app, and the current city test is not the most accurate and controlled test; your city fuel economy may vary.
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