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1984 MDM Motors Tusca RS

MDM's first supercar

  1. slenson
    1984 MDM Motors Tusca RS (it's pretty fast)

    Photo245.png Photo248.png Photo249.png Photo250.png

    Ball-bearing turbo V6 | 677hp | RWD with ABS

Recent Reviews

  1. G-Farce
    looked boring but I downloaded. What a surprise this one. What's that engine? Where are the specs? The long gearing allows it to sing and sing it does, sounds amazing. Brilliant. Hnalding is on the tricky side but it feels realistic. It's fast and lively. Full of character, love that sound. Cool to have light up badges, looks like a ferrari concept. Nice touch with the moving plate, tech vibe, lol! Only complaint is the front round foglights look a little out of place and appear to hinder the overall design a little.
    1. slenson
      Author's Response
      Uhh, first of all thank you very much for the kind review. And the foglights were actually glowsticks, they don't translate too well with beam.
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