1977 Tarasque XT Sport 2.0

Pininfarina's first collaboration, since leaving Ferrari in 1976.

  1. Thomsen
    • After Pininfarina's break with Ferrari in 1976, started he working with a previous Lancia chefdesigner Marcello Gandini and
      millionaire Antonio Tarasque and began designing on the XT in 1977. After the fall of the Italian Communist Party in 1977, was the Tarasque headquarters burned down by an Activist Group on 17th of June 1977, burning the plans and papers on the Pininfarina made V6 making Tarasque taking new routes. In the fear of losing their business, chose Antonio Tarasque to contact Audi for an engine for the XT. In December 1977 signs the chefdesigner Marcello Gandini and Antonio Tarasque a collaboration with Audi, giving Tarasque the option to use Audi's 2.2L OHV Inline 5 Turbo engine found in the Audi 100 (C1). This collaboration between Audi and Tarasque saved Tarasque.
    Engine: 2200 cc. (2.2L) 10V I5 Turbo
    Drivetrain: Front Longitudinal FWD
    Power: 140 HP @ 5.400 RPM. & 215 Nm @ 3.700 RPM.
    Redline: 5.800 RPM.
    Transmission: 5 Speed Manual.
    Top Speed: 194 KPH (121 MPH).
    Fuel Economy: 6.8 KM/L (16.0 mpg).
    Engine Weight: 150 KG.
    0 to 100 km/h: 9.55 sec.
    80 to 120 km/h: 6.60 sec.
    100 to 0 km/h: 42,7 m.
    1/4 Mile: 17.34 sec.
    1 Mile: 30.20 sec.
    Chassis Type: Space Frame
    Chassis Material: Steel
    Panel Material: Steel
    Body Type: 4 door - 5-seater.
    Tires & Rims: 180/70R15 front and back.
    Front Brakes: 300 mm. 2LS Drums.
    Rear Brakes: 265 mm. SLS Drums.
    Suspension: MacPherson front and Semi Trailing Arm rear.
    Price: $20.000
    Electronical Help: lol
    Weight: 1259 KG. (53% front, 47% rear).
    Wheel base / Length / Width: 2.59 m. / 4.51 m. / 1.66 m.

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  1. Slightly better performance.

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  1. 77x5ghost
    Version: 1.0
    beautiful and BROWN
    1. Thomsen
      Author's Response
      Yes! Gotta love a good ol' 1970's BROWN!!
      Thank you very much! :)
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