1973 Luka Del Verta 1.0

Converible Car

  1. LeeryCape4
    1973 Luka Del Verta Sunset package screenshot_2020-12-27_10-38-03.png

    The Sunset package adds the following

    Hide away convertible hard top
    275V8 155hp 210ft ibs with the highway 3 speed auto
    Vibrant red interior with AC/Heat 8 track with a/m f/m radio
    Cruise control

    The 1973 Luka Del Verta is a entry level luxury car. Trying to keep cost low
    the Del Verta uses a small block V8 mainly the 275Cubic inc but could go up to a 305 but very few where ever made. The Del Verta is a hard top convertible for cruising in the sun and being able to put up the powered hard top for when it's just to sunny. screenshot_2020-12-27_10-41-24.png
    The Del Verta never had any reliability issues
    the engine and tran always kept cool the simple transmission was easy to fix or replace when needed and the small block 60 degree 275 with one 2 barrel carb made life under the hood as easy as it gets. It's not sporty at all it's a 4500ibs vehicle that loves highways it does 60m ph easy and will hold 70 up and down hills she gets 10.8MPG and has a 26 Gallon tank. Filler cap hidden by plate please lift unscrew cap then fill. screenshot_2020-12-27_10-39-23.png
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