1973 Bruckell Woodie Custom 1.0

The "Eco Friendly" Muscle Car that beat the Gas Crisis

  1. killercar34
    After the oil crisis in 1973, Bruckell needed to make a MPG friendly car for the masses. However they didn't want to do what other can manufactures were doing, which was downsizing their cars and their engines in a panic. After tons of planning, testing, and engineering miracles, the Bruckell Woodie was made. Advertised as a Muscle Car that sips fuel like a Economy Car, this Station Wagon will fulfill your need for speed while also bringing the family home in style. This is the Custom, the most popular trim of the Woodie, this baby comes with a tuned up 5.7L V8 that makes 250hp, and has a 3 speed automatic. This is the "Muscle Car" that Bruckell put on a pedestal.


    1. BruckellWoodieCustom.png
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