1972 RPC 1400E 1.0

The People's Car from a Communist Regime

  1. killercar34
    The 1972 RPC 1400 was the result of a deal between Autobello and Russian car manufacturer RPC. RPC fell in love with the design and simple mechanics of one of Autobello's mid 1960s sedans and wanted to have the design for themselves. After negotiating and offering a big sum of money, RPC acquired the the design they needed for a new car, but it did need some major modifications for the conditions of the motherland. RPC beefed up the car's suspension, brakes, axles, gave it chunky offroad tires, a manual diff locker, a skidplate, and made the body out of much thicker steel. The end result was the 1400 series, a car that even to this day is one of the most popular cars RPC has ever built with the final model rolling off the assembly line as late as 2014. This is the E model though, so you get the Estate car body, colored hub caps, and the optional cigarette lighter.


    1. RPC1400E.png
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