1972-1993 Sunburst Pico 1.0

The cheap communist sub compact car

  1. Rumble (Sunburst)
    "Sunburst Automotive was founded by Rumble and Apollo in 1880. The members of Sunburst Automotive are constantly working to pull out the best cars in the automotive industry. The result of this determination is the Sunburst High Detail series. All vehicles from this series are created with an obsession for detail mindset, both in design and engineering. All vehicles from this series will feature detailed and functional interiors.

    This car was fully designed by OME and J-beam designed and engineered by Rumble.

    Also huge thanks to JustOli for letting us use his code for the working gauges and steering wheel

    Check out one of his resources here: https://www.beamng.com/resources/bensinger-ibex.16592/

    MAKE: Sunburst Automotive

    MODEL: Pico

    MODEL LIFESPAN: 1972-1993
    The Sunburst Pico was made for the cheap communist fammilly of Romania. it was made to be an affordable city and medium trip commuter with a decent fuel economy and a lot of fun in the sportier variants.

    Sunburst Pico GL
    Full specs list:
    • A nice Inline 3 engine producing 44HP
    • Basic cheap interior
    • 3 speed gearbox
    • Fully working interior
    • FWD

    Developed by Sunburst as volume maker and people mover the GL was underpowered, not very efficient or equipped but it was affordable, and it got people from A to B most of the times.

    People discovered that the suspension tune made it quite fun to drive at the red line.


    Sunburst Pico GV
    Full specs list:
    • A nice Inline 3 engine
    • Hard long life tyres
    • Basic cheap interior
    • Fully working Interior
    • FWD system

    After the success of the GL, Sunburst expanded the PICO family with a small van that catered to the small businesses form large urban areas.

    The sturdy lifted suspension and the cheap price however made it a viable choice in the rural areas as well.


    Sunburst Pico GT
    Full specs list:
    • A powerfull boxter 4 producing 106HP
    • A more luxurious sports interior with more features
    • Sports compount tyres
    • FWD traction

    Four years into production sales of the GL and GV started to slow down, the costumers started to ask for creature comforts such as power, heating or brakes that worked.

    Sunburst decided to launch a halo model, a hot hatch variant named the GT. It was fun to drive on the limiter and it introduced a new, more luxurious interior.


    Sunburst Pico Cabriolet

    Full specs list:
    • A more modern I3 producing 97HP
    • Normal compound tyres
    • FWD
    • Modern 80's interior

    The cabriolet was the model that introduced the facelift, a more contemporary look, with integrated headlights and plastic bumpers and new technology like front disk brakes and ABS.

    The open top was perfect for slow cruising down the local seaside Riviera.


    Sunburst Pico Electra

    The Sunburst Electra was a prototype that was developed to try out the electric tech that Sunburst has been working for a couple of years now.

    A bit drunk on the success of the GL and GV (and some local hard spirits) the designers and engineers of Sunburst started to work on an Avant-Garde variant of the PICO, an all-electric city commuter.

    Only one prototype was produced because this car was horrible efficiency wise and was too expensive to produce.


    Sunburst Pico R
    Full specs list:
    • The Same engine from the GT only that with longer ratios and a turbocharer
    • An overall wider construction
    • middle exhaust
    • sports compound tyres
    • sports-luxury interior
    • FWD

    Sunburst built only 200 homologation specials for their rally car, it had all the grunt and spine shattering suspension of the rally car but it is still considered the best PICO ever built and are very sought after


    Sunburst Pico SPR

    Due to the Racing nature of this car, specs wont be displayed!

    Win on Sunday, sell on Monday was on Sunburst’s mind when they entered the PICO in the WRC Group B Rally. And it worked, this move propelled the PICO to cult status.


    "Sunburst... memories that last forever"
    Pico GL: 9000€
    Pico GV: 10000€
    Pico GT: 12000€
    Pico C: 11000€
    Pico R: 16000€
    Pico SPR: 35000€

    (You can join our community here: https://discord.gg/dqzKpDGYCY)

    (Thank you for getting this far, drive safe :D)

Recent Reviews

  1. AlexDig
    Version: 1.0
    Hello. I tested your car on different tracks and roads and there's my conclusion about this cars:
    Firstly I thought to rate it as a 4*, untill I noticed this car is FWD. It explains why this car feels like it wants to drive like AWD, but handling is sucks. Overall I like this simple design, and also the fact how quick it is for it's money, even low powered version. Rally version has too stiff suspension and laso it's too low.
    Electric version is just so crazy, that it accels too quick and doesn't want to turn normally.
    1. Rumble (Sunburst)
      Author's Response
      Perfection am I right? Thanks for the review
  2. thegaming11
    Version: 1.0
    how can i do interiors and gauges in automation?
    1. Rumble (Sunburst)
      Author's Response
      As the description of the car says. We used JustOli's premade code to be able to use those in our automation cars. Furthermore. The gauges and steering wheel had to be properly made in blender before becoming usable.

      Thanks for the 5 star review!
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